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Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Binding of Isaac Free Download

The Binding of Isaac is an independent video game designed by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl. It was released on Steam on September 28, 2011. Players control a crying naked child named Isaac or one of six other unlockable characters. After his mother receives a message from God demanding the life of her son as proof of her faith, Isaac flees into the monster-filled basement of their home.
On November 1, 2011, it was added to the Humble Indie Bundle as part of the Humble Voxatron Debut.[1] The game and downloadable content was later featured in the Humble Indie Bundle 7.[2] Console versions, featuring additional features that could not be implemented within Flash, are currently being developed by McMillen.[3]
The game's title and plot are references to the Biblical story known as theBinding of Isaac.

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